Today, Brands Are Looking For Higher Impact And Deeper Engagement With Users. However, Traditional Formats And Placements Are Tired And Easily Ignored. Seventynine Fills The Gap With Unique Placements And Formats Including But Not Limited To HD Quality Video, Rich Media Etc.

One SDK Multiple Benefits
  • Supports Any Placement
    Regular Size, Interstitials & Native
  • Features powerful mediation engine
    Auto Pilot mode & Classic mode
    Supports 200+ partners globally
    Various country & pricing controls
  • Consumer experience protector
    Exposure & Session controls
    Bandwidth & Memory controls
  • Provides Built-in DMP
    Audience measurement
    1st & 3rd party data support
  • Compliance with leading industry standards and Supports 10+ innovative banner formats & engagement actions

Our Patent-Pending Ad Integration And Monetization Platform App Jacket™ Facilitates High Quality Reach & Engagement For Advertisers And The Best-In-Class Yield For App Developers.

Ad Formats
Video, Rich Media, Regular & Interstitial/Full Screen banners and Audio

Video Ad play


Lightest SDK
in the market today- doesn’t add to the app footprint

Custom Ad Spots
App Entry, Exit, Interstitial pages, after a certain action, header and/or footer on each page, within content and native etc

Targeting and Retargeting
Audience Targeting and Retargeting, Geo, OS, Device, Contextual, Demographic and Behavioural

Frequency Capping Options
Session wise, Time bound etc.

Self-serve Dashboard
for Campaign Creation, Management and Reporting

with all 3rd party ad serving and tracking solutions- Mediamind, Doubleclick, Atlas etc

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