Today Brands Are Looking For Higher Impact And Deeper Engagement With Users. However Traditional Formats And Placements Are Tired And Easily Ignored. Seventynine Fills The Gap With Unique Placements And Formats Including But Not Limited To HD Quality Video, Rich Media Etc.

super features

High Impact Ad Formats

Advanced Targeting & Re-Targeting Options

Premium Placements with High Viewability

Extensive Reach

High Engagement & Conversion Rates , Multiple Calls to Action

Exclusive Ad Spots across Premium Publisher

Transparent Reporting & Tracking

Robust Ops Support

Ad Formats

  • High Impact Video

    100% Buffer Free High Quality Videos with completion rates of over 30% and CTR’s of over 7%.
  • Rich Media

    MRAID,HTML5 Formats with high CTR’s and engagement rates.
  • Audio Ads

    In-stream audio ad formats that grab 100% audience attention leading to higher engagement.
  • Gamified Ads

    Highly interactive mini-game ad formats that drive user interest and brand recall.
  • Product Centric Ads

    Innovative product centric ads which are a replica of the brand’s product search page and deliver significantly higher conversions than static banner ads.

Why Choose Us

Impactful & Innovative ad formats with average CTR’s of over 5%

High Click to conversion rates

Multiple Calls to Action – Click to Call/Install/Sale/Registration etc.

Premium Placements across an extensive network of elite publishers.

Campaign Optimization on the fly

VAST compliant and can accurately track engagement on video ad

Mn+ Impressions
Mn+ Unique Users
Mn+ Installs

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